Design Offices (Location)

Visiting the Stuttgart Design Offices

Inspiring new work environments? We have found them!


Wow, what a brilliant concept!Recently our product designer Konstantin was a guest at the Design Offices Eberhardhöfe and what he saw there really impressed him: In this stunning building in the city of Stuttgart there are cool new work spaces where creative ideas can sprout and grow. 👏👏👏The atmosphere, the people, the furnishings - everything is just incredibly inspiring. We wanted to know more about that. That's why we asked Konstantin to share his experiences with us - and of course with you too. Read it if you like!

Our dear colleague had made his way to the Swabian countryside at the end of September to take part in a think tank on the subject of "Hybrid Working in the Co-Working Space". After all, it can't hurt to get new ideas for your own work every now and then. 😉And it was worth it: Because behind the great historical façade of the Eberhardhöfe, many new inspirations were waiting for him. 💡

First impressions 🧐

"After arriving, I sat down for about an hour in the open work space on the ground floor, to which all members have access. In the front area, it resembled more of a work café and the atmosphere was free and open," Konstantin describes his first impression. Some visitors retreated to one of the existing alcoves for more private conversations, while others sat at the large benches and busily typed on the keys of their Macbooks. 👨🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻At the back of the room there was a large tribune where smaller groups met. "There they discussed in open and unashamed terms about their common business or loudly protested about what they considered to be uptight and overly formal German behaviour. They themselves think the mindset is better in the United States, where even a 'visionary like Elon Musk can present himself on television smoking marijuana without being labelled a pot-smoking hippie with absurd visions of the future. That's how it was literally said!" 🤭

At the free to use fridges you can always get fresh drinks, like mate tea or cola, in a wide variety of flavors. 🥛🧃☕🧉🥃🥤Also beer, if you like. 🍻 In times of the coronavirus pandemic there is, as expected, less activity, but you can well imagine that there is usually a lively exchange of ideas in this inspiring environment. In any case, one thing is for sure: the interior will definitely live up to the companies name "Design Offices". 👍

Flexible modular system

"Afterwards I went to the first of five floors to reach the think tank event," reports Konstantin. The event had taken place in a large, open and bright room with direct access to the balcony and a view into the wonderful courtyard. He especially liked a large, inviting piece of lounge furniture on which he would have preferred to make himself comfortable. 😊 Curiosity, however, urged him to go on a small discovery tour through the event room. There, his attention was first drawn to another tribune: "It is interesting that the founder of Design Offices has developed his own modular principle to enable these tribunes to be assembled and removed flexibly. Now you can find this construction in every location worldwide". Tables for individual work were also available in the rear area of the room. There was also a large selection of stacking chairs to be able to react to different numbers of participants. 🪑🪑🪑

Just a few moments later, the think tank initiated by Design Offices founder Dr. Torsten Ambs was launched, where people were eager to discuss and talk shop. We will tell you at a later date here about the exciting insights the participants were able to gain. That's a promise! 😉 But now you'll surely want to know more about the location, won't you?

Restructure rooms in the twinkling of an eye

"At the end I was able to enjoy a short roomtour with Maria Eckhardt from the Design Offices," says our product designer. Among other things, there was an eatery, flexible offices, meeting rooms, co-working spaces and a 500 square metre conference area. 😳 "It gave me an insight into the various Design Offices that I had never seen before. She also showed me how to structure the rooms without a lot of effort and how to change them according to customer requirements. In this way, it is possible to fully respond to the goals and demands of the individual teams and provide them with the best possible space".

Konstantin's conclusion after his trip is accordingly positive: "It was a very productive and inspiring day on which I was able to gather many great impressions." 😁He also brought back some ideas that could enrich our everyday work. Which ideas do you think he means? 😱 We are curious ... 🤔