Community-Workshop in Hafven

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Give us your ideas!

As you know, we like to open up new perspectives when we develop products. 😁 As you know, we like to open up new perspectives when we develop products. 😁 So we’ve joined forces with Hafven to think about how we can collaborate with our community to generate new, innovative or maybe even unconventional ideas. The upshot of this was the concept of a Hackathon, which is scheduled to take place in Hannover very soon. So what’s that all about? We’re going to give you the low-down.

Our main source of inspiration? That’s right: it’s you, the members of the KRETHO Community. 🤗 After all, we’ve made it our business only to design products that make you happy and really bring some benefit to your everyday life. That’s why our masterminds are always very keen to receive your feedback and ideas.

How can we share ideas effectively? This is something we’ve been wondering too, and we’ve started to develop some new and innovative concepts that allow us to keep in direct contact with you easily. A recent development is that we’re supported by the Hafven team from Hannover, and our cooperation agreement with them is hot off the press. Our first gig together is a Hackathon, due to take place soon in Lower Saxony’s regional capital…

Hackathon premiere in Hannover

Hafven is an innovation community in which start-ups, established companies, corporate organisations and innovators come together to develop new ideas and innovations for the future. You already know it’s a place where you can be really creative and ideas just burst forth. 💡 To achieve this, innovative co-working and maker spaces are available at the two Hafven sites in Hannover-Linden and Hannover-Nordstadt. We’ll be holding the Hackathon in the city’s northern district across several locations, and for the first time we’ll be using the Maker Space as a venue too. It’s a kind of creative workshop at which members of the KRETHO community can come together with experts from the Hafven community and spend two days sharing ideas, talking shop, tinkering and tweaking under the umbrella of Design Thinking. 👩🏻🔧👨🏻🔧

It’s the KRETHO fans themselves who get to decide which ideas deserve a chance by voting online. At the end, the aim is to build prototypes to check the practicality of the community’s favourites there and then. The best project wins a cool prize. 🏆

Every idea gets a chance

“This Hackathon gives us the opportunity to generate unique ideas that would otherwise probably never see the light of day. I’m sure we’ll also be seeing some unconventional products that no one would have dared go near before,” reckons Hendrik, our brand developer. “It also brings us into contact with our community, allowing us to find out first-hand what expectations they have of our products and what kind of furniture they want. We’ll listen carefully and give every idea a chance.”

The outcome of this User Centred Design Process is a win-win situation for everyone involved, reckons Hendrik: “At last our community has the opportunity to flag up the issues with furniture we encounter on a day-to-day basis. It also opens up a whole new perspective on our product range, allowing us to channel the views of our community into the development of new products.

Keeping in contact

By the way: involving KRETHO fans in product development isn’t a new thing; interaction with our community is an established tenet of our company philosophy. You see, we don’t view KRETHO solely as our own brand, the key feature is that it’s YOUR brand. 🤗 

“It’s only through constant interaction with our community that we can be certain that KRETHO products match user needs – not the other way around,” is how Hendrik sums it up.

To establish – and maintain – contact with you, we’ve come up with some exciting campaigns to surprise you with in the near future. But next up it’s the Hackathon premiere, which is set to be a springboard for a whole series of creative workshops. We’ll keep you posted and give you details of the event and how to get involved another time. To find out the latest information, watch this space or check our newsletter – you can subscribe here. Until then please carry on enthusiastically gathering ideas and sending them to us if you’d like to. Maybe we’re already working on that dream item of furniture you’ve always wanted, something life-enhancing for you and lots of other community members. 😉