This is KRETHO

3, 2, 1 … Tah-daah! Our new blog’s here.   🎉

Here we are, the KRETHO family

Greetings, dear community members! We’re so pleased you’ve found us. 🤗 ou’re probably here to find out who or what’s behind the KRETHO concept, and who’s running the show. We’re keen to quench your thirst for knowledge, so we’re going to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about our brand. 😉

Well, it’s not that easy to describe yourself – especially when you’re as versatile as KRETHO! You see, we’ve brought together lots of things that seem at first glance like opposites: fresh design ideas and familiar everyday objects, innovative technology and traditional craftsmanship, modern trends and enduring quality – as well as sustainable materials and unlimited comfort. We’ve put all these together to create some new and eccentric product ideas for an unconventional target group. 😎

Furniture for working and living tomorrow

Butin fact KRETHO itself is still very new. It all started in summer 2019. That was when an interdisciplinary team was briefed to develop new products made from formed felt. We quickly realised that this material is particularly flexible and versatile. So why not use it to make furniture that’s as versatile as the material? In the end the upshot of this idea was the KRETHO brand, which from then on began producing furniture for working and living tomorrow.

A folding stool made of felt? KRETHO makes it possible!

Our first product TAKEoSEAT demonstrates what an unconventional daily helper like this can look like. It’s a lightweight, innovative stool made out of a single piece of moulded and formed recyclable PET felt. This gives it a very soft, warm finish that’s comfy to sit on. ☺ The secret: despite the material’s sturdiness, the stool can be folded away to save space and can be transported easily. Never mind whether you suddenly need to move to a new desk at work or offer a customer a cool seat – or maybe you just want to relax at home – TAKEoSEAT is perfect for all your needs.

We want to hear your ideas

That’s why we don’t want to design the products by ourselves, we want to involve the very same people who use our furniture and accessories in our brainstorming process – by this we mean you! 😀 We’d like to collaborate with our fan community to carry on developing the KRETHO brand and our products. To achieve this, we’ll continue offering you opportunities to help us design new products within the scope of some exciting campaigns..

Have you got an idea already? Let’s hear it then! 💡 It doesn’t matter how crazy your suggestion sounds, we’ll try and put your ideas into practice. We want to be in contact with our community. So we find out directly from our customers where the problems are, and what the ideal piece of furniture needs to be capable of to make life easier in the office and at home.

Being mindful of the environment

But while we aspire to cool, comfortable solutions we’d like to highlight one aspect that means a lot to us: the environment. 🌏 This is what inspires us to be sustainable in our activities – throughout the entire value chain. The goal is to develop sustainable furnishing solutions made out of recycled products or sustainable raw materials, which are on the one hand as agile and flexible as our customers, but on the other hand will stay with them for a lifetime.

We’re well aware that the concept of sustainability nowadays is something that’s applied in an almost inflationary sense. However the whole team sweats sustainability here: we’re always on the look-out for new materials we can use in manufacturing that conserve resources and are gentle on the environment.

We’ll stay in touch

So now you know the key facts about KRETHO. We hope you’ve been able to gain an initial impression of us. If you’d like to find out more about us or our product range, take a look at our website or approach us directly. We’d love to answer all your questions. 🤗 We’ll also take the opportunity to provide you with more background info and exciting stories about our brand, products and team.

And now it’s your turn! If you’ve got an idea, get in touch. Tell us what you need your dream furniture to be capable of, and our team will try and come up with a solution. Who knows, maybe our next joint venture will be the new must-have for the office or home. 😏